Sell Your Home With Sheila Vardakis

I've successfully closed hundreds of home sales in Kansas City and surrounding communities. Here is what you can expect when working with me:

  • Experience: I've been working with Kansas City sellers home buyers for over a decade now.
  • Integrity: I am a strong believer in clear and honest communication. When working with me, you'll never feel like you're out of the loop.
  • Reliability: I vow to always work tirelessly on your behalf, and to unwaveringly represent your best interests.
  • Service: I am passionate about providing every single one of my clients with exceptional service, no matter how big or small.
  • Results: I have a great track record when it comes to selling real estate, and promise to deliver great results. From staging, to marketing, to negotiation, I go the full distance in serving and protecting your interests.

Selling Your Home: What You Can Expect

Here I'll break down the home selling process into its individual phases, so you'll know exactly what to expect.

Initial Discussion

Before getting your home ready to sell, I'll have an initial discussion with you regarding your home selling goals. We'll cover everything from the period in which you wish to sell, to a listing price you are comfortable with, to how we can maximize your home's appeal.  The initial discussion is an ideal time to ask questions and clear up concerns.

Provided I am chosen to SELL your home, and as a follow-up to our initial discussion, I will come back and provide you with a comprehensive home value report. This report gives you a clear idea of what comparable homes in your neighborhood are selling for.  I will give you a breakdown of the repair/replace items I see that need to be addressed prior to selling you home along with an estimation of these repair/replace items.  This will help give you an idea of what you want to do further to your home before putting your home on the market.  

Listing Agreement

After our initial discussion, the next step is signing the listing agreement. You and I will review it and sign it together. 

Pricing Your Home

Once the listing agreement is signed, it's time to price your home. The goal here is to neither go too high or too low. I consider a wide array of factors when setting price. It goes much beyond just looking at comparable sales. I also take current market conditions into account, as well as expected future conditions. For example, if the market is trending up, it could be beneficial to price your home above that of recently sold homes.

Getting Your Home Ready To Sell

When it comes to securing the best price for your home, presentation is key. Apart from the basics such as cleaning, removing clutter, and exterior touch ups, I'll help you stage your home. Staging can involve a wide variety of things. These include trimming the lawn, rearranging furniture, and applying new coats of paint where necessary. To help decide what needs to be done, I'll provide a list of suggestions. If needed, I can handle most of the staging work for you.

Marketing Your Home

Marketing your home is all about maximizing exposure. It starts with taking professional quality photos of your home inside and out. Additionally, I can set up a virtual tour. This allows potential buyers to explore the interior of your home from the comfort of home. Once the pictures and virtual tour are ready, it's time to start advertising. From print ads, to direct mail, to open houses, to electronic flyers, I cover every base.

Negotiating Purchase Offers

Once your home is officially on the market, and offers start coming in, it's time for me to negotiate on your behalf. I've negotiated top dollar for many clients throughout Kansas City and surrounding areas. I am not afraid to be tough on your behalf. Additionally, I promise to present you with every single offer, so that you stay informed throughout the negotiation process.

Finalizing the Sale

After you and the buyer agree on an offer, it's time to begin the escrow process. I'll prepare every necessary document promptly. This includes disclosures, inspection reports, appraisals, and repair requests. Moreover, I ensure all conditions of the sale are met in a timely manner. It's likely you'll have a lot of questions at this stage. I'll be sure to maintain an open channel of communication and make myself readily available. You'll always have a crystal clear understand of this process when working with me.

Closing Escrow

Once escrow closes, your home sale is officially finalized. However, I'll still be available to answer any questions that might arise. Furthermore, I'll provide you with lots of helpful moving tips and practical advice. I always go out of my way to ensure every single one of my clients is 100% satisfied.

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